Multimeter+ LabVIEW serial interface

Initializing serial communication with Multimeter+ LabView UI. Serial communication is started with selecting COM PORT assigned to the Multimeter+ by the Windows. Currently, shown on the image below, COM PORT 5 is selected.

DVM (Digital Voltage Meter) shown above serial communication is initialized by running a series of LabView frames. The first frame shown in the image below searches for all enabled COM ports. If none is found it will return string "No COM port found" and the program will exit using "STOP" command.

If no COM port found the program will exit.

The following frame opens a serial communication with the selected COM port.

Once the serial communication is established the program requests board ID from the attached Multimeter +.

		Multimeter + responds with current Board ID:
			void send_board_id(void) {

The board ID is received and program continues to the next step. I give it 1000 ms delay before the main loop starts running.