CC3200 Tutorial

Pin Configuration CC3200 Wi-Fi SoC

The easiest way to configure CC3200 pins is to use PINMUX tool from Texas Instruments. If you click on the image below it will take you to the TI PinMAX download page.

You can select your peripherals, GPIO pins, and special function pins by placing check marks in the pinMAX tool. Once all of the pins are configured the tool will generate the configuration file, pin_mux_config.c, which you can download and use in your project. Here is the PinMAX Wiki Link.

Setting Pin 53 To Logic High and Low

Example below shows how to set Pin 53 as a GPIO output and set it to a logic High and logic Low.

// Configure PIN_53 for GPIO Output 
PinTypeGPIO(PIN_53, PIN_MODE_0, false);	
GPIOPinWrite(GPIOA3_BASE,0x40,0x40); 	// Set pin 53, GPIO30 (Set pin to logic 1)
GPIOPinWrite(GPIOA3_BASE,0x40,0); 	// Reset PIN 53, GPIO30 (Set pin to logic 0)

Where GPIOA3_BASE represents GPIO Module Instance.

Page 129 0f the cc3200 technical reference manual has the following GPIO mapping table:

As you can see it has the list of all GPIO Module Instances with corresponding GPIO numbers.
The following image shows the relationship between GPIO and PIN numbers.

Pin numbers in blue are for the CC3200, and in black are for the CC3200MOD.